The Belt that Surprises even the Skeptics

“That innocuous looking piece of rubber has a far greater effect upon the sound of a turntable than most of us realise …..The Upgrade Belt … is one of the most cost effective changes that I have made to this deck (LP12)…..I suggest you buy one and try it. I am both amazed and impressed at the improvement it makes to the sound of my Sondek. Hi-Fi WORLD MAGAZINE .

This is an alert for turntable owners who use flat rubber drive belts and want a significant upgrade with the bonus of relatively low cost.

You may remember a while ago being notified on our new turntable drive belt. Many of you responded immediately and ordered the Upgrade Belt (it’s nice to be believed). The feedback you gave was fantastic – on every deck tried. This was not entirely unexpected as we knew Russ Andrews had been conducting his own tests with various decks before giving it the thumbs up and ordering them.

At only £29.60 this belt has to be worth a try – with a money back guarantee if not delighted, you risk nothing and will be pleasantly surprised at the upgrade it brings.

It’s easy to be skeptical that a seemingly insignificant item like a better turntable belt will dramatically improve the performance of your turntable. In fact most people who have tried the Origin Live upgrade belt started out not expecting much difference, only to be shocked by the improvement. The explanation for this phenomenon is hard to appreciate because we’re not used to grappling with the colossal 8000X magnification delivered by the delicate movement of a stylus needle.
The turntable drive belt controls the level of unwanted vibration transmitted from your deck’s motor, to the platter, then to the record where it finally feeds into your stylus. This chain directly influences your deck’s performance. Upgrading your standard neoprene drive belt, to one of a superior rubber with textured surface finish has proven to deliver results well beyond expectations.

This unique turntable drive belt works because it offers increased grip and reduces the transmission of vibration. The dramatic improvements in performance over any official turntable drive belt has staggered users.