I’m writing to let you know about a great upgrade which works on virtually all decks that use a flat belt. At Origin Live we are always experimenting with new materials to increase sonic performance and about a year ago we stumbled across a fabulous belt material that far surpasses the neoprene used in most turntable belts.
A user review on the Origin Live upgrade belt says it all “ Cleans up bass remarkably and general improvement overall but removes static completely which was a real nuisance in the present hot dry weather. Amazing for a little belt and very good value for money” published with kind permission of Philip.

The fact is that Origin Live upgrade belts make an audibly significant upgrade to any turntable that uses a flat belt.

Summary of the upgrade belt advantages:
* Ideal mechanical properties for grip, strength, stability, elasticity and self damping.
* Significantly increases sonic performance regardless of what deck you have
* Reduced static (important for cartridge performance)
* Freedom from discoloration over time
* Lasts well over the normal 2 years recommended life of a belt
* High value for money
* 2 year guarantee

For the increase in performance, many companies would charge at least 3 times what we are offering. As with many of our products, we would rather you try things like this or our turntable oil, platter mat, tone-arms etc at an affordable level. If the results impress you, then it can only build confidence to try other products in our Range.

High value
You might ask why these belts carry a premium price of £29-60 relative to standard cheap neoprene belts? This is a good question although the price is actually very close to finely ground neoprene belts such as the LP12 belt. The answer is that each belt is skillfully hand made to size and involves:
* A unique and highly unusual elastic material
* Slicing the belt by hand to precisely the correct width along its whole length
* Trimming the belt length to suite your particular deck
* Extreme expertise and skill to join the ends – a 1 day process
* Grinding the joint
* Checking for smooth running

Risk free Trial
Give this belt a try and the results will surprise you. Belts come with a 3 week money back guarantee which assures you can return it for a full refund if not completely satisfied.

“Last night I tried the new belt on my Pro-Ject Xpression III, and I must confess I was reluctant to hear any change in sound, but the difference was there, and it hit me in the face – more treble definition, best picture, the overall presentation is more consistent. Excellent upgrade, recommended for any belt drive turntable”. Claudio