Why upgrading your tonearm is easy and saves you money

If you have ruled out upgrading your tonearm due to expense or fitting issues, it may be time to think again. Many people think they need a cartridge upgrade when really they need a tonearm upgrade. It’s been proved that this is not only far more influential on performance but also extremely cost effective. Why is it such a great investment? The answer lies in the long term saving of cartridge replacement costs. You get significantly better overall performance with a superior arm running a less expensive cartridge than vica versa. Over a period of several cartridge replacements, this represents a tremendous saving, not to mention the massively enhanced performance.

The other good news is that upgrading your arm may not cost anything. We guarantee our arms to outperform conventional arms on the market that cost up to 5 times the price of an equivalent performing Origin Live arm. Many owners have actually made a profit by selling an expensive £2500 arm to replace it with something like the Origin Live Silver at £675 – shocking but true.

It’s not hard or complex to fit an Origin Live arm

Don’t be put off by the perceived effort in changing your arm. It really is worth it and we have made it easy.

FOR OWNERS OF REGA ARM MODELS — Without exception these can be replaced with an Origin Live arm as a simple drop in replacement, with no alteration whatsoever to your deck or armboard.

SME ARM OWNERS — we are now offering an adaptor plate that allows any Origin Live arm to be fitted directly to a SME drilled armboard – The easy to fit, SME adaptor plate means a quick upgrade without the waiting, fitting and expense involved in fitting a new arm board.

LINN LP12 — If you are the proud owner of an LP12, then upgrading the arm is easy (even if you have an Ekos). We offer a pre-drilled armboard for the LP12 which is identical in size and looks, to the original (lacking only the Linn Logo.)

TECHNICS 1200 / 1210 OWNERS — The armboard for the Technics 1200/12100 can be ordered from us.