Sovereign turntable review by Hi-Fi World Magazine

Awards are always nice and we’ve won 3 in the last month or so. The one which has a link below may be of particular interest if you are the owner of an Origin Live turntable or a DC motor kit. The review highlights the big difference that such a seemingly small change can make.

The “deeply groovy 9/10” award write up is by “The Audiophile Man”. Otherwise known as Paul Rigby who is also lead reviewer for turntables, in Hi-Fi World magazine.

The review covers the new DC300 motor and a fully balanced upgrade transformer that we introduced back in March of this year.

“If you own a Sovereign, the question of whether you should or should not take advantage of this two-part upgrade is almost laughable. In fact, if you asked me that question I would actually laugh out loud. Of course! Goodness gracious, yes. All new Sovereign turntables automatically feature this upgrade and with it, the Sovereign is surely one of the best turntables currently available on the market. An incredible feat of engineering and a sense of pure joy for the ear. If I had a cap I would doff it towards Origin Live. In fact, I’m tempted to buy a cap so that I can do exactly that.”

If you like what you read and wish to experience the same, the good news is that these upgrades are available for all Origin Live decks and DC motor kits ordered before March 2016. The upgrade DC200 and DC300 motors are easy to retrofit as they are basically a drop in replacement with full instructions. The new fully balanced transformers work with all  our turntable related products.

Note: The new DC100 is not an upgrade on older DC100s.

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