Revolutionary Astute speakers reviewed

The first review has just been published on the revolutionary Astute speakers – and it’s a cracking endorsement.

Speakers are often viewed as isolated products even though they interact massively with both your amplifier and room acoustics. Various approaches have been attempted to address these problems. Including “solutions” such as Digital Signal Processing, high power amps, special cables, speaker positioning and room treatments.

At Origin Live we seem to have a boundless flow of innovative ideas. The only way of knowing the truth about what works and doesn’t work, is to try it. Not every manufacturer bothers about testing many alternatives as it’s much easier to follow a darling theory or carry on with “the way it’s always been”. We always try to keep an open mind on ideas that we see and hear, then thoroughly check them out.

We firmly believe the Astute speaker is not just different, but represents a genuine milestone product that solves many unresolved issues – see expanded presentation of the Astute (link above). It’s easy to be cynical about these kind of claims and we all know there are too many false dawns. One problem is that some speakers can work wonderfully with a specific amplifier and room environment but then fall apart in a different context.  Hi Fi is extraordinarily complex and the new  Astute addresses this very problem. You not only avoid the complexities that plague conventional approaches but get a far superior sound into the bargain.

If you are considering a system upgrade then this review should help put the Astute on your “must audition list”.