Resolution turntable and Enterprise tonearm combination review by Stereo Times Review

You probably don’t see our turntables reviewed in magazines with great frequency. This is partly because we don’t come out with new models that often. It’s not always a good idea to focus on the latest shiny new object as they are often inferior to “old news” great decks that have faded out of the limelight. Our decks have had a number of staggeringly good reviews and one that you may have missed last year on the Resolution / Enterprise combination was published in Stereo Times. “I auditioned their Sovereign table equipped with a Conqueror arm. I found that listening session one of the most musically engaging I’ve ever had…..……I am quite fascinated by the Origin Live Resolution turntable and Enterprise tonearm and they’ve garnered my 2013 Publisher’s Choice ‘Most Wanted Component’ award. Their combined strengths, ease of installation and remarkable sense of musicality have reinvigorated my appreciation for LPs. The new Origin Live is great news for any analog neophyte who may find the price of most good tables daunting. The quintessence of Origin Live products rests in simplicity of design and sophisticated performance.

My awe of analog reproduction over the past six months (minus a small hiccup—my beloved Spectral cartridge died) has proven no passing fancy. And my upgrade to Holger Stein’s Aventur in 6 reference cartridge a month ago has provided even greater resolution and transparency with an almost supernatural sense of balance. The Resolution/Enterprise combo has lots to offer and I am thankful for the time I’ve spent with it. My hat’s off to Mark Baker for another great offering.”
Clement Perry – Editor of Stereo Times Magazine

As further recent endorsement of the quality of our decks, it’s interesting to note that last year, the Sovereign at £4770 replaced another reviewers reference deck costing £12,500. Dealers also tell us that this deck seems to have little or no competition up to nearly 3 times the price when it comes to performance. We have said many times, price and perceived value does not always equal performance. Because all our parts are in house machined in the UK, it has allowed colossal development to take place in the unseen areas of costly research, hard won experience, advanced design and high quality components. More importantly, we have pitch perfect hearing and musical ears. Surprisingly, this is not always the case, as one mainstream Hi-Fi editor said in an off the record comment “some manufacturers seem to be deaf”. True musical value cannot be taken for granted. Exotic materials, fabulous engineering and pricey finishes are to be applauded but are no substitutes for performance.

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