Record Player Motor Kit Options in detail

Each complete kit includes motor, transformer, speed control box. To provide greatly enhanced performance there are optional grades for each of these components as shown below. To list the best upgrade path for any given price point you will find a list of combinations under “options” on the overview page.

Motor Speed Control Box in 3 grades

The switch box controls the turntable motor with infinitely variable speed setting to accomodate any record player.

Advanced Speed Control Box

The Advanced speed control box represents extraordinarily high value for money. The circuitry is far in advance of the Standard model by virtue of load and temperature compensation which ensures much better constant speed across the whole record. Improved dynamics and clarity are other very obvious benefits with speed accuracy around plus or minus 0.2% from start to finish of a record.

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Ultra Switch Box

Ultra Switch Box £582

Ultra Speed Control Box

The Ultra Speed Control Box offers higher performance than the Advanced Box thanks to it’s faster-functioning circuit along with improved regulation and lower noise. Additional features include uprated components and heat-sink. All this contributes to a more cohesive and musical sound with greater resolving power.

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Turntable Motor Options

Motors vary significantly in cost, power and performance so we offer choice.

DC 100 Turntable Motor

This motor is supplied as standard with all motor kits. In spite of it’s relatively low cost, the DC100 is a big step up from the the synchronous AC motors commonly used in most turntables. For warranty reasons we cannot offer part exchange on old motors.

If you already own a dc motor kit and wish to order individual items see Spares and upgrades

Fully Balanced Upgrade Transformer Option

 A better power supply makes a big difference to Amplifiers. Turntable motors are no different. The fully balanced upgrade transformer is a specially wound, low impedance, large Toroid transformer with high instantaneaous current delivery. The performance of the Origin Live designed transformer is far superior to any normal Toroid transformer due to it’s fully balanced configuration and other major factors not present in standard transformers.

Standard Low Power Transformer

This transformer is supplied as standard with all kits. The photo opposite is representative as actual item can vary slightly in appearance.

If you already own a dc motor kit and wish to order individual items see Spares and upgrades

The Large Upgrade Transformer features an extremely advanced, purpose built, fully balanced transformer housed in an outboard enclosure. The larger transformer offers significant benefits. It isolates and cleans the mains whilst massively increasing instantaneous current delivery. The results are improved transparency, dynamics and deeper bass.

If you have an existing motor  kit with a standard transformer, then the Large upgrade transformer offers significant performance improvements. It’s also simple to install as the connections are the same, allowing a straight substitution.

If you already own a dc motor kit and wish to order individual items see Spares and upgrades

UPGRADE OPTIONS TO GIVE MAXIMUM RETURN ON INVESTMENT (Please Note Option 3 is Temporarily Unavailable)>

  • Option 1 Standard Speed Control Box | DC100 Motor | Wallwart mains voltage reducer £290
  • Option 2 Most popular version as it improves massively on Option 1 in terms of speed consistency and performance for relatively little extra cost: Advanced Speed Control Box | DC100 Motor | Wallwart mains voltage reducer £380
  • Option 4 Better definition, dynamics, transparency, lower noise and overall coherence due to large and improved transformer: Advanced Speed Control Box | DC100 Motor | Large Upgrade Transformer (Fully balanced, low noise Large) £790
  • Option 5 Increased transparency and dynamics gained through refined circuit design: Ultra Speed Controller Box | DC100 Motor | LargeUpgrade transformer (Fully balanced, low noise Large) £1050

Note that it’s possible to upgrade each of the items individualy at a later date – See Products > Spares & Upgrades > DC motor kits. Be aware that you can only use these items in the context of the Origin Live Motor kit as they are incompatible individually with other brand motor drive systems.