DC Motor Kit Owner Comments

Below are some of the many favourable comments we have received from owners of a wide variety of turntables on the DC motor kit.

Linn LP12 installations

“I just wanted to let you know about my complete enjoyment of the DC motor controller option 3 and flat belt I purchased for my Rega P25. I was a little skeptical that it would improve bass, imaging and detail.  Boy, was I wrong. I use this table mainly as a mono deck and the new motor has improved everything across the board! Mono soundstage his huge like a live performance and detail like I‘ve never heard before from mono and I’m using a Miyajima Spirit cartridge. Amazing! So thank you again for designing this amazing motor controller.”

Ted Danowski

“Just thought I would let you know that I have just finished installation of the DC motor kit you supplied me for my Linn LP 12 turntable. I have to say that there is a big improvement in the sound quality that I now hear.

I have to admit to being a bit apprehensive about dismantling my LP12. I thought there was probably not much that could be improved on it and that only experts could work on it. Well I guess both points are wrong ! I was very surprised to see how cheap looking the AC motor was that Linn use and how expensive the Lingo is that tries to control it. Probably very good for Linn though ?. Your DC motor has a well made expensive feel to it which as an engineer I like.

I had no trouble dismantling the LP12. I had decided at the beginning that I liked the “feel” of the DC kit and did not like the AC motor from Linn so did not leave any AC kit in the turntable to go back to. I felt the DC kit would be superior from the start…..

It was strange to look at how many electronic components were on the Lingo PCB compared to your DC PCB!…. As you say, you can hear it (the motor) running but I think it has a pleasant well made sound !. It must be said that you have to be within six inches of the turntable to hear this and in no way effects the sound of an LP being played.

I have to say that I am very pleased with the kit you supplied and the improvement to sound quality is very noticeable. Everything seems to have better timing, rhythm, rock solid base and a grip on the music that was missing before.”

Graham Jelley, Taiwan

“I’m entirely happy with the DC motor. The sound is better all round, particularly in terms of dynamics, rhythm and imaging, but without sacrificing the LP12’s sense of soul. Thank you.”

S. Smith-Franklin, USA

“I’ve finally got my Linn up and running now – I’ve been listening to the DC motor kit for about two weeks. WOW!! The degree of improvement over the Valhalla’d table is nothing short of astounding. I now feel that the Linn bearing and sub chassis design, as well as the arm and cartridge, are performing at their full potential now. Gone is the ‘dry’ character, and the naturalness, detail and dynamics just pour forth. I’m currently listening to a Dutch all-analog pressing of Roger Waters ‘Amused to Death.’ Can it possibly sound better, I wonder?”

J. Schaefer, USA

“Quite a hornets nest of discussion here. I recently bought and installed the Origin Live DC motor upgrade with the “heavyweight” outboard transformer. I believe that I am the first person in the US to get this larger transformer. Two weeks later I installed the Cetech carbon fiber sub chassis, but that’s another story. Thank you John for the Ivor quotes. But I don’t believe that he put an AC motor in the Linn because it was the ‘best’ tool for the job. He did it because he had to build the Linn to a price point and well made DC motors are not cheap. Compared to the Lingo the OL upgrade is in another class.

I installed the motor and left the deck running constantly for several days. I checked the speed periodically. It uses resistors on the control board to fine tune the speed. A strobe confirmed that speed stability was excellent. As Ivor has said many times “trust your ears”. The OL modded Linn extends the bass by at least one octave. This is tight well-controlled bass. Detail I had not heard before was obvious on just about every record I played. The soundstage was more spacious and ‘cleaner’ than before. The Cetech sub-chassis solidified everything. But as I said that’s another story. Origin Live offers a money back guarantee. So if you aren’t happy just send it back. Given that a Lingo upgrade is around $1,300 and doesn’t replace an essential blockage to making the Linn sound as revealing and musical as possible – the AC motor, I find the OL upgrade an absolute bargain and a must for any Linn owner. No, I’m not connected to OL in any way, just a very satisfied customer”

Newsgroup Posting

“For a product that does exactly what the promotional material says it would do. I’m not given to hyperbole – though I’m sorely tempted. I keep sneaking back to the room and listening again, just to check it sounds as good as I remember it. I swear it’s still improving. The sound from my speakers, which I previously thought quite good, has blossomed into the room. This is not a loudness issue. The sound has come out of the speakers and into the room. There is a clear indication of soundstage, a plucked double bass sounds like a plucked double bass, with resonances such that you could climb into the ‘f’ holes. Multi-tracked voices become separate entities – some of which I’ve never heard before. All of this from an Akito and a 12 year old AT 0C5.”

L. Manson

MMF Deck Upgraded

“I’m in love with the Origin motor. Seriously, this is one of the best upgrades I have ever heard. To any of your customers who have MMF products,I can only say “try it!” I have been an audiophile for many years, recently able to afford whatever I want in the way of gear. Like the Hollywood notables who drive ’05 Mustangs instead of Ferarris, I like superior bang for the buck. Amazing soundstage and realism. For example, Eugene Ormandy conducting Prokofievs Lt Kije Suite, Columbia 31812, an album I have owned since 1973. Superior staging, amazing timbre, hearing the violas clearly for the first time, hearing the woodwinds and horns as never before; I know my table is vastly inferior to the rest of my system, but the motor (and cartridge upgrade) have netted amazing gains. My best CD material does not compare with vinyl. Thank you for that. FYI My system: MMF-7 table, Benz-Micro cartridge, Origin motor, and cable upgrades. Art Audio Vinyl One pre and Jota amp, cryo tubes on both, Resolution Audio CD, Parsifal Encores and Lamhorns (depending on mood). Many thanks. It was very easy to mount in the MMF-7 motor housing, and the MMF belt fit perfectly. Feel free to use my feedback. I still can’t believe what I’m hearing in my old ’70s recordings, even the ones I abused with substandard turntables.”

Michael Knight, Townsend Rock Owner

“Been listening for a few weeks now, and it still blows me away. Much of the motor noise has gone, and messing with the belt tension and TT sitting has improved things further. Can’t thank you enough for what the kit has done to music-listening pleasure. Anyway, you’re welcome to use these comments if you so wish. As I said before, the timing is absolutely spot-on, real sense of the music flowing as a result. Even has my wife tapping her feet and she’s not that enthusiastic about music. Speed stability is rock-solid, too, always a bit of a niggle before with the standard airpax arrangement. Can forget all about this now and just enjoy the music instead. Piano has to be heard to be believed: notes decay so naturally. Haven’t listened to my CD player for days as it sounds like it’s broken. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the kit to other rock owners, or even other turntable owners with a standard AC motor arrangement. Thanks again for all your help and support with the set up.”

J. Moxon – Saga Japan, VPI Aries Owner

“I am absolutely THRILLED with the results. I thought I must be a bit nutsto spend £859 on a couple of boxes and a motor, but my trust in your product is completely vindicated as I must have one of the best turntables out there now.

You said more bass: this is a poor description of the changes, I am tryin to be objective in the list below.

When the needle hits the record there is now no hash or change at all.
There is no coloration introduced by the turntable
Because of this I now hear fine detail that was masked before.
Rhythm has never been as good before, so everything has a coherence to a fantastic degree.
The spatial and 3D effect, good before is now amazing
There is a wonderful presence to the performance.
Music starts and stops to an order of clarity not heard before, consequently the speakers have a much easier time just reproducing what is in the record.
Your DC200 motor is just as powerful as the VPI a.c motor it replaced. Also it is virtually silent so you should rewrite your web site to say it is just as quiet as the a.c motors it replaces. Your installation book is also excellent.

Bill Lawson

Walker CJ-55 owner comments

I have been using the DC 200 and the advanced motor kit for some days now and I must say it has worked wonders with my old Walker CJ-55.

It runs completely silent and it is a real joy to listen too.

My highest recommendations.

Best regards

Stefan Lagerquist