Origin Live awarded “Highly commended” by Hi-Fi+ magazine 2011 for the Resolution deck and gets into the top 30 “sights of the Gadget show” 2011

Origin Live recently exhibited to a much wider audience at the “Gadget show Live”. With an attendance of around 100,000 it was interesting to note that many people had never actually seen a modern turntable. With its immense eye catching appeal, the Calypso and Sovereign deck had wives and girlfriends dragging their partners over to see them – always a good sign where looks are concerned. Of course our main reputation is built on sound quality but great looks really help.

We were probably the only stand out of 250 to get 2 products out of the thousands on show into the MSN tech “top 30 sights of the show”. The new Astute Loudspeaker got the 24th spot followed by the Calypso at 25. The “Bat Mobile” at £120,000 was number one, as a fully functioning replica from the cult batman film  This is a “large” car and parking it must be a problem but nonetheless an amazing sight. Not just the turntable was attracting attention, the new Astute speaker range got many admiring gazes and comments of “gorgeous!” The Astute Speaker is not just another box  there is so much to this speaker that makes it a ground breaking design  the main idea is to produce the superb sound quality that is only possible with large drivers. Rather than go down the road of a hideous box in the corner, we have come up with something that adds style to a home. If you are in the market for speakers or know of anyone who is, then these are to be highly recommended. Please see web site for details under “Speakers.”