What difference can a turntable motor and power supply make?

Grasping the importance of a dead smooth, low vibration drive for your turntable is not easy, until you get a picture of the incredible levels that microscopic vibration is amplified by. As you know, a turntable reads music via a vibrating needle in the record groove. What is not commonly appreciated is the massive scale of 8000 times magnification that this signal undergoes before reaching your loudspeakers. This means that unimaginably low levels of vibration affect sound quality dramatically.

I’ve been listening to the DC motor kit for about two weeks. Wow. The degree of improvement over the Valhalla’d table is nothing short of astounding. I now feel that the Linn bearing and sub-chassis design, as well as the arm and cartridge, are performing at their full potential now. Gone is the ‘dry’ character, and the naturalness, detail and dynamics just pour forth. I’m currently listening to a Dutch all-analog pressing of Roger Waters ‘Amused to Death.’ Can it possibly sound better, I wonder?
J. Schaefer, USA

Nothing can prepare you for the total shock of going DC. There are details in recordings that I have never imagined as being present, there is tuneful sub-sonic bass, and new heights that were previously unscaled, the whole music experience has taken on a new meaning, my humble Systemdek record player competes and in many cases far outperforms some of the dearest and best engineered record decks ever conceived.
Common Ground Magazine

This is an effective and substantial upgrade that rejuvenates a classic and well-respected turntable (the LP12 in this case) – and as such comes highly recommended.
Hi-Fi World

This is one of the best upgrades I have ever heard.
Michael Knight

If you wish to massively upgrade your turntable motor and power supply then this motor kit far exceeds most people’s expectations.

Alternatively if you have a noisy or broken turntable motor or turntable power supply, then this kit will not only get your deck running again but do it in a manner that transforms it for the better.

You only need to take a look at the many owner comments from those who have fitted the Origin Live DC motor kits, to realise that this is not a subtle improvement. Skeptics are immediately convinced on audition that this is one of the biggest upgrades you can make to your deck. Not only has the DC motor kit received outstanding reviews but over 4 manufacturers of decks in excess of £10,000 have used this kit in their decks. Although the value is much higher than the relatively modest asking price, we keep it low to be affordable.