Demonstrations and Home Auditions

Origin Live offers a range of demonstration facilities in the UK.

It goes without saying that auditioning new products in your own system is far more reliable than any audition at a shop or a show. Many people underestimate the effect of room acoustics on choice of equipment. There are variables in a new environment with an unknown system that make proper assessment difficult. These are the options available for demonstration:

– Demonstration in your own home by an Origin Live demonstration agent.
– Demonstration at a shop (some shops may offer to demonstrate in your home as well).
– Demonstration at Origin Live’s listening room in Southampton.
– Installing and auditioning the product yourself in your own listening environment.

Demonstration in your own home by an Origin Live demonstration agent.

We have a small but growing number of representatives who can travel to your home in the evening and demonstrate the Origin Live product that interests you. There is a charge for doing this which is refundable against the product price should you decide to go ahead. The charge is at the discretion of the demonstration agent and is largely dependent on the travelling time. Although this method may cost a little, it is far better than an expensive mistake caused by ordering the wrong equipment on the back of a great review or demonstration. Home demonstrators:

Demonstration at a shop.

Shops have the advantage of offering comparisons with other systems and products if they happen to stock the items you wish to choose between. Some of them will also offer to come to your home for a home demonstration. List of dealers.

Factory demonstration.

Origin Live has its own listening room in Southampton and can demonstrate equipment – strictly by appointment only. Please phone to arrange an audition on 02380 578877 and note that we do not demonstrate cartridges.

Home delivery demonstration scheme.

One of the simplest ways to audition an Origin Live product is to use our home delivery demonstration scheme. It works like this – you purchase the product that you wish to audition and we send it to your address. You then have one month to evaluate the product (bring in rival products to your home if you wish to compare). At the end of this period you can return the goods for a full refund if not satisfied.

For further information please email us at or call: +44(0)23 8057 8877