Lyra Atlas

Technical Specifications

Designer: Jonathan Carr,   Builder: Yoshinori Mishima
Type: Medium weight, medium compliance, low-impedance moving coil cartridge

Recommended Tracking Force: 1.65 – 1.75g (1.72g recommended)

Recommended Load Directly into MC Phono Input: 104ohm – 887ohm (determine by listening, or follow detailed guidelines in user manual)

Recommended Load via Step-Up Transformer: 5 – 15ohm (Step-up transformer’s output must be connected to 10kohm – 47kohm MM-level RIAA input, prefereably via short, low-capacitance cable)

Stylus: Lyra-designed long-footprint variable-radio line-contact nude diamond, slot-mounted

Cantilever System: Diamond-coated solid boron rod with short one-point wire suspension, directly mounted into cartridge body via high-pressure knife-edge system

Coils: 2-layer deed, 6N high-purity copper, cross-shaped chemically-purified high-purity iron former

Self-impedance 4.2ohm

 Inductance: 11uH

Output Voltage: 0.56mV@5cm/sec., zero to peak, 45 degrees (CBS test record, other test records may alter results)

Frequency Range: 10Hz – 50kHz

Channel Separation: 35dB or better at 1kHz

Compliance: Approx. 12 x 10-6cm/dyne at 100Hz

Vertical Tracking Angle: 20 degrees

Cartridge Body: One-piece machining from solid titanium billet, with reduced-surface higher-pressure headshell contact area, predominately non-parallel and asymmetrical shaping, phase-interference resonance-controlling mechanism, and body threaded directly for mounting screws.

Cartridge Mounting Screws: 2.6mm 0.45 pitch JIS standard

Distance From Mounting Holes To Stylus Tip: 9.5mm

Cartridge Weight (without stylus cover): 11.6g

Recommended Tonearms: High-quality pivoted or linear (tangential) tonearms with rigid bearing(s), adjustable anti-skating force, preferably VTA adjustment