MK3 Turntable Improvements

These improve on the excellent performance already established by their predecessors. The latest decks are built around a new extremely high grade bearing, precision-bored, honed and polished. This enables the bearing to rotate in a pure film of special oil with no surface to surface contact except the load bearing tip. Many bearings do not achieve this ideal due to imperfect tolerances and surface finishes. The load bearing tip acts as a single energy transmission point, essential for sound purity.

The decks are non suspended, but support a sub-chassis on a single point to isolate it from vibration. Further performance is gained from the large motor pod that imparts great stability to the high grade DC motor.

The MK2 decks ran for over 5 years with few updates or price increases. After making a number of new discoveries, the time came for these to be included in what we named the MK3 turntable versions. The new decks represent a significant increase in performance and value to an already superb sound.

Music is replayed with particular improvements in:

  • Rock solid imaging
  • Reduced colouration
  • Refined presentation of low level information
  • Easy to follow separation of individual stands in the music and vocals

Improved features over previous MK2 models are:

  • New type of acrylic platter material with reduced internal stresses
  • Increased thickness of platter due to changes in overall design
  • New bearing hub designed for faster energy transmission out of the platter
  • Lower friction bearing
  • Increased size of plinth
  • Improved power supply
  • Significantly improved belt – hand made from start to finish
  • Quieter motor from additional pod damping