Soli-Core Super Speaker Cables

User Comments

Over one in ten users of Soli-core speaker leads can’t help writing back or telling us how well they’ve got on! Reports on performance are extremely positive. Here are just some of them.

‘Just a couple of lines to express my full satisfaction with the purchase of your Solid-Core Super speaker cable. I am particularly impressed with the cable ability in the following areas: bass weight, control and extension, high frequency smoothness, soundstage, and finally richness and variety with natural timbres. It is indeed a cable that tempts you to raise the volume higher and higher. A real pleasure. I am using the cable in a fairly decent low-power valve-based system with both analogue and digital source. The cable has brought a significant improvement and performs better than the £25/m one used before’

Claudio Marinelli, June 03

“The improvement was startling – – we had a tighter, more intelligible better separated sound. The difference sprang out at you.”

Peter Turner, Hi-Fi Answers

“Transformed my Hi-Fi beyond my expectations, what more can I say.”

T.D, Teeside

“I must admit that I was rather sceptical over the claims made for the cable but when I fixed it Into my system I was amazed at the improvement It made. The LC-OFC is now redundant.”

C.J, London

“Congratulations on making the best speaker cable on the market… The bass quality is good, very tight and controlled, the stereo image is superb and the soundstage very open indeed without a trace of coarseness, this with compact disc is very praiseworthy Indeed… The degree of added quality in the sound is admirable… having a friend who has access to most cables on the market we have compared them all in both our systems and find that Soil-core is by far the best.”

I. Huntingdon, Cambs

“the cable I received from you is everything your literature claims and more.”

JH, Liverpool

“I have spent several hours listening to my system….and felt that I must write to commend you on the result my music has never sounded better!….I was a bit dubious in changing to your product. The improvement has been noticed by my wife, who is not an avid listener to my system. She found the music much more dynamic and detailed. I found Soil-core as brilliant as your advertisement stated. I hope you get the publicity you deserve for such a fine product. Obviously not everyone will experiment with this and will stubbornly stick to their multi-stranded cable, still that’s their loss isn’t it?”

O.H, Manchester

“the piano reproduction is staggering… my friend was equally impressed and ordered some as a result… he’s now over the moon about his own cable.”

(ex professional musician), Havant

“The remarkably deep but tightly controlled bass is a revelation.”

L.L.S, Twickenham

“It is probably the best system upgrade I could have possibly made.”

A.M, Sheffield

“I have now listened to the cables for 6 days, and I am very impressed with them. Having tried 3 other types of solid core, your cables are by far the better… I have also compared yours to them a few times for the benefit of my many friends who are all as equally impressed as I am… Well here are my differences. The most enjoyable one being ‘soundstage effect’ before they sounded flat. The voices are trailing off instead of disappearing… the top I’m now getting is the very best I’ve ever heard in my system. The brush strokes on the drums and cymbals are “singing” whereas before they sounded flat. But the best part of the top end is the total crispness and precision of any sound in that department, I also have more punch on my bottom end… So overall I am very pleased with them and will be recommending them to anyone in the future who is looking for an upgrade without getting into trouble with his wife.”

M.J H, Essex

“I spent over £160 on a pair of cables but find yours altogether better.”

P.B, Portsmouth

Users of Soil-core report that it gives massive improvements over what they were using previously (which includes just about everything up to £25 per metre so far).