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Track Record

The first Rega arms we modified received fantastic reviews and were compared to a variety of well known high-end arms. Next came the Origin Live Silver tonearm in 2002, hailed as “probably the best arm in the world” but at a fraction of the cost of established high-end models. Not content with this, Origin Live went on to launch a range of much higher performing arms, establishing entirely new benchmarks for performance. In addition to this our arms have won over 9 magazine awards from many sources. This level of improvement over older and established references is dramatic and makes upgrading a highly worthwhile investment.

Put us To the Test

Our tonearms bring genuinely stunning improvements. Even our essential range tonearms outperform arms at over 6 times the price. This seemingly incredible claim is underwritten by our offer of a full refund should you not be absolutely satisfied.

Unlike cartridges, a tonearm upgrade will produce a far more profound improvement and last longer. It is also transferable to other turntables should you ever decide to change in the future. Lastly you can save money in the long run by running lesser cartridges in great tonearms (lowering replacement costs), and you will still end up with a better sound than before.