Easy Set up

The deck is simple to set up for beginners. The instructions are written assuming you’ve never had a turntable before. From the box arriving and after reading the instructions, set up takes between 5 and 15 minutes. This incudes fitting the arm (not the cartridge).

In contrast, many Suspended turntable designs can take well over 2 hours to assemble due to complex spring assemblies, levelling and other issues.

All our decks are easy to level with adjustable feet.

Arm fitting and VTA adjustment is convenient, with open access to the underside of the armboard.

Near Zero Maintenance, high reliability & low Running Costs

Nothing requires tuning thanks to non-suspended design which means you save the cost of yearly servicing.

Speed will not vary into the future (see Light Speed Controller LSC). In contrast, the speed of most turntables changes over time unless they are serviced by a dealer. Even then the accuracy may be no better than 0.5% not to mention inconvenience and cost.

Level of reliability is proven by time tested design.

Easy to Upgrade

Various turntable upgrades are available depending on the deck model. These can be seen as options on order pages or on the turntable upgrade pages

Upgrading the Tonearm is especially easy due to the simple fit.

Simple to Run

Our decks arer simple to run using a single switch.