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MJ Acoustics Pro 100 MK2

MJ Acoustics Pro 100 MK2 Subwoofer

MJ Acoustics Pro 100 MK2  £1,150

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“We took this platform and added the ability to make very accurate adjustments so that in multiple subwoofer systems you can properly tune them with repeatable settings that can be stored in non-volatile memory. Our design team increased the efficiency of output by virtue of an ABR and then push the boundaries as far as possible within the financial constraints of affordability and extracted the most output possible by raising the power available along with enhanced filters and crossover layout. All this achievable, because the microprocessor within the DAMP 2nd Gen circuits monitors system status very carefully to make sure that the purest of output emanates from the cabinet without the slightest hint of distress or distortion in the waveform. It’s quite a marvel to listen to. Make no mistake the Pro 100Mk2 is the result of much engineering skill and many long hours of R&D.

Proportionally the PRO 100 Mk2 remains diminutive in size. it actually takes up less room than the Reference 100Mk3. The accuracy of parameter setting is provided by the addition of MJ’s legendary DAMP 2nd Gen microprocessor circuits that handle the display, crossover, gain settings, phase, power meter, in addition to all the protection circuits. With the required tweaks in filter design to accommodate the natural roll off characteristic changes in the cone from the mass of the ABR, we established a magnetic structure and Gauss setting for the motor assembly that extracts the very best from this Bass Engine/ABR combination. Increasing power up to 200watts the efficiency of the motor assembly was honed to perfection releasing its full potential and the results are quite stunning. Legendary High-Level and Line-Level inputs with Twin independent gain settings complete the design.

PRO 100 Mk2 complements the most discerning cinema and music system! 200 watts of Class A/B MOSFET amplifier feeds an ultra long-throw super-rigid 10” sub-bass driver of rugged efficient design and finish. Matched with a critically damped ABR structure that tunes the cabinet forward firing bass output, the listening position is assured a spacious and dynamic bass extension to extend the lower octaves as well as free up the important mid-band and treble.

Add to this a beautiful non-reflective Polyurethane Satin finish, and attention to the finest and smallest detail. PRO 100Mk2 delivers a vast punch and solid slam–without the dreaded overhang–down to a gut-wrenching 10Hz.

MJ’s unique combination of state-of-the-art electronics mated to specially tuned hand-built sealed cabinet affords the user the ultimate in sub-bass control. Deep and powerful enough for the most demanding movie soundtrack, yet subtle, agile, fast, and accurate for the highest fidelity in music listening. It really is just like being there! Scary at times when the director of the movie intends it but if removed, leaves a system without foundation. Once installed and dialled in you will not want to be without it.” – MJ Acoustics

Technical Specifications

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PRO 100 MkII Specifications:

200watt MOSFET Amplifier
Speaker and Line Level inputs with Gain Control Range 99dB
Neutrik Speakon connector (High-Level 100k ohm)
Unbalanced RCA (phono) connectors (Gold Plated) (Low level 10k ohm)
Sophisticated Crossover Circuit – variable increments between 20Hz and 120Hz
LFE Bypass setting of 200Hz
Phase Control infinitely adjustable between 0º and 180º
Frequency response 13hz to 200hz * D.I.P. (Dynamic Intelligent Protection)
D.A.M.P. (Digitally Accurate MicroProcessor 2nd generation)
Specially designed cabinet structure, volume, and configuration made from inert 18 & 25mm MDF
Digital Display with power output meter and frequency setting
Switched fused IEC mains input socket
Single 250mm (10”) Ultra Long-throw Driver with Heavy Duty steel chassis & Double Magnets
Single front firing 250mm (10”) Ultra Long-throw Critically shaped ABR with tuned damping
UK 3 year manufacturers return to base warranty
Dimensions (WxHxD ) 280mm X 605mm X 280mm * Weight 22.1kg
Black Ash finish as standard with other Real Wood Veneer finishes available.

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