All Discovery 2 Phono Stage Reviews

“The Discovery 2 phono preamplifier continues and amplifies Origin Live’s long-standing reputation for producing analogue playback gear that is first-class in musical communication and in ultimate sonics. Thus, it serves the needs of both Musicophiles and Audiophiles in equal measure. Its flexibility allows maximum information extraction from all types of phono cartridges. The Discovery 2 strikes me as a “final destination” phono preamplifier for serious music lovers. Given its exemplary performance, it is very reasonably priced, and is, thus, deserving of the most enthusiastic of recommendations.” – Read the full review >
Stereo Times, Paul Szabady, August 2020

“It has a liquid midrange, quite substantial bass, sweet top end and a veryfocussed but quite narrow and shallow soundstage to the extent everything happening isright in your face, balance left right and centre is spot on.Read the full review >
Tony Sharman, Restek UK, November 2020