Conqueror Owner Comments

“I have now been able to set up the arm — wow. My system has over the years improved by millimetre increments but in one go your arm has moved it forward sonically by miles — thanks”
Ian West

“My order was delivered yesterday. It sounds incredible even without burn-in or fine adjustment of VTA, tracking force etc-way beyond my expectations and it looks beautiful as well. Worth every penny and then some.”
Irvin, South Africa

“On Saturday I collected the Conqueror arm and installed it to the Oracle. I have never heard one of your products before and I hoped that it will be slightly better than my SME V (as promised in some reviews).

But it was a shock to find out that the years with the SME were lost years. Your product betters the SME in each aspect. It is outstanding! Because of this experience, I will go to Mr. Schmitz (Munich) to hear your decks next time.”

Andreas Winter – Bochum, Germany

“One of the most difficult things for a turntable is to recreate deep bass correctly. I believe this is one area when digital has an inherent advantage. However, the Conqueror has very deep, forceful bass, and can compete with digital bass easily.

Another thing that I appreciate is it’s great dynamics. Again – this is a thing I find essential for the impression of realistic sound, and most systems cannot pull this off. Well, the Resolution and the Conqueror are extremely dynamic and fast. You simply cannot ignore the music. It demands your attention. This is the way it should be done. It simply sounds closer to the real thing.”
Best wishes,
Patrick Bower

“I received the Conqueror MK3c tonearm you sent and set it up Sunday using the Shelter 9000 on my Linn LP12 and wow! What an awesome arm. Even without proper “burn in” time this combination literally blew away my previous setup, a Modified Linn Sondek LP12 (1987)
A grateful customer,”
Dr J White

“Really amazing and difficult to describe. The most impressive feeling with this arm is the strong control it is providing above the movements of the stylus and it appears that is absolutely able to avoid nearly every oscillation.

I did already pass on my Mail to you to Mr. Janen from Amazon Audio with my highest recommendation for this combination. I told him also that he is invited to come to my residence for some serious listening test to convince him that this combination can be considered by him for everybody that is interested in purchasing a very delicate TT/tone arm combination.”
Bernd, Alfeld, Germany

“I received the Conqueror Mk4 arm, it is playing beautifully on the turntable. Whatever mastered in the LP are now presented in full clarity. I am using bookshelf speakers augmented with sub. Soon as the stylus hits the groove my jaw dropped. Mid-bass is so powerful and I knew my setting before is all wrong. I knew the meaning of tuneful bass now! I have an idea on how to fasten the counterweight to the stub even though it is already ingeniously executed by OL.”
Michael Tong

“The sound… Simply amazing.
I noticed immediately more smooth bass and treble response from my previous tonearm. I could make out individual notes within piano chords and the upper register was no longer shrill, just clear and airy. The sound stage felt wider and more impressively deeper, with a depth to it I had not experienced before. I could distinguish individual notes within piano chords — I am quite pleased.”
Mark Raugas