Encounter Reviews

“A new benchmark for musical communication, natural detail and timbral truth. All at a price that, considering the quality of its performance, can only be called a bargain.” Read the full review >
Stereo Times

“It says volumes for the excellence of this arm that it could put two such different pickups through their paces so even-handedly.”
The Absolute Sound, Editors Choice Award 2012

“In the Origin Live rig it was warm, boisterous, fast, big and ballsy with tone that could only be described as lush and gorgeously vibrant. It was shockingly good on anything with brass with gobs of realistic bite to trumpets, trombones and the like” Read the full review >
Tone Audio

“If ever there was a case of swings and roundabouts within hardware comparison then the tonal differences between the 9.5” and 12” versions of the Encounter 3c was it. The 9.5” walked a lighter step. It produced finesse and style with fine detailing highlighting a star clarity.” Read the full review >
Paul Rigby

“Sounds like nothing that I have heard or owned before. The tonal quality is accurate and clear, bass notes have no overhang. The arm is astonishingly transparent and neutral.” Read more owner comments >
Derek Abrahams