“The Origin Live Onyx is more than simply a budget benchmark, it truly serves as an engrossing and revealing musical reference.” – Read the full review >
Stereo Times

“Sounds more human, more analogue, and more musical… represents excellent value for money and comes highly recommended… offers a relaxing, expansive and musical sound hitherto unavailable at its modest price point.”
Hi-Fi World,
August 2011

“…the Onyx immediately sounded very enjoyable. Tonally full, with sonorous and powerful deep bass, rich and colourful midrange and fluid, open and relaxed treble. This was exactly what the doctor ordered! On top of this it had excellent tracking and has looks like its costs a lot more than it does. The reviews weren’t wrong: this arm really is very good indeed.

With the SME arm and this cartridge there was always a lack of midbass presence, making only the most powerful recordings sound balanced but with the Onyx almost every LP sounds like a powerful USA release! Dynamics and speed were now impressive, gone was the former tardiness, replaced with cheerful, upbeat music, but importantly, while retaining smootnness and tonal fulness. On top of this, timbre had also improved massively. – Read the full review >
Hi Fi Advice

“The Onyx is a great looking product. All parts appear to be made by Origin Live including the armlift, something only a mere handful of manufacturers will do these days… Even when fitted to a relatively humble deck and carrying one of Ortofon’s most affordable MC cartridges, it never fails to let the music speak for itself. This high class but friendly priced tonearm is equally elegant in appearance and performance. Handmade in good old Blighty by a devoted company that knows a thing or two about getting good vibes from vinyl, the sonic performance the Onyx delivered in the context of a modest but carefully adjusted setup can be conveyed in three words: unforced, organic and airy. My conclusion needs but one word: recommended.” – Read more owner comments >
Kilian Baker