Illustrious Tonearm Owner Comments

I just upgraded from your Silver to the Illustrious. I had never heard the arm before so it was a leap of faith…but based on what an enormous jump it was from my Rega 600 to the silver I was pretty confident. When I was originally looking for a new arm I had my heart set on the Ekos which I had listened to on my table for over two weeks. The Ekos was the best thing I had heard on my Gyro (bettering an SME V in my opinion) by a large margin. The value of this arm is off the scale.
With respect,
John Stratton, Vancouver

Previously, I was an orthodox Linn man, with a Linn Ittok II arm using a Clear Audio Maestro cartridge, which I thought was perfect for the LP12, but I have certainly changed my mind. The Illustrious Arm with your pre bored arm board just went on the LP 12 without a single hitch and cartridge line up was a piece of a cake.
The best money I have spent on high end audio in years. I listened for seven hours dragging records out of my collection.
Bill Roberts, USA

Just a quick line to say I have just fitted the Illustrious arm, coupled with a Soundsmith Zephyr cartridge to my Michell Orbe, what can I say, not even run in yet, simply amazing.
Big thanks to Jack at the Music Rooms in Glasgow for the set up.
Outstanding product
Paul Wood