Illustrious Tonearm Owner Comments

I just upgraded from your Silver to the Illustrious. I had never heard the arm before so it was a leap of faith…but based on what an enormous jump it was from my Rega 600 to the silver I was pretty confident. When I was originally looking for a new arm I had my heart set on the Ekos which I had listened to on my table for over two weeks. The Ekos was the best thing I had heard on my Gyro (bettering an SME V in my opinion) by a large margin. The value of this arm is off the scale.
With respect,
John Stratton, Vancouver

Previously, I was an orthodox Linn man, with a Linn Ittok II arm using a Clear Audio Maestro cartridge, which I thought was perfect for the LP12, but I have certainly changed my mind. The Illustrious Arm with your pre bored arm board just went on the LP 12 without a single hitch and cartridge line up was a piece of a cake.
The best money I have spent on high end audio in years. I listened for seven hours dragging records out of my collection.
Bill Roberts, USA

Just a quick line to say I have just fitted the Illustrious arm, coupled with a Soundsmith Zephyr cartridge to my Michell Orbe, what can I say, not even run in yet, simply amazing.
Big thanks to Jack at the Music Rooms in Glasgow for the set up.
Outstanding product
Paul Wood

“The illustrious has now been fitted and sounds wonderful.
You were right about the fitting. Your instruction manual is excellent and covers everything.
It really is a beautiful piece of engineering. I can see what you mean about the Linn being somewhat dated in its engineering terms, relative to your decks.
Thanks very much for all your patient help. It has been very worthwhile and I’m sure I will enjoy the next wee while listening to my music.”
Robin Machugh