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Resolution Turntable Reviews

“OK, so I think this record player is something rather special …..We have had a handful of products come into Hifi Pig towers in the last year that have really blown us away with what they bring to the party and the way our system has evolved as a result has taken it to what I consider to be a truly world class system. One of these products is of course this turntable and arm combination, and whilst there are much more expensive packages out there I can’t see me feeling the urge to upgrade any time soon, though I probably see a top of the range tonearm from Origin Live in my Hifi life in the future. Read the full review >
Hi-Fi Pig (Editor)

“If you’re in the market for your last analog rig, and a completely original one at that, seek out the Origin Live Resolution Modern turntable with Illustrious tonearm. They’re a thrill.” Read the full review >

“I am quite fascinated by the Origin Live Resolution turntable and Enterprise tonearm and they’ve garnered my 2013 Publisher’s Choice ‘Most Wanted Component’ award. Their combined strengths, ease of installation and remarkable sense of musicality have reinvigorated my appreciation for LPs.” Read the full review  >
Stereo Times (Editor)

“Although some of that design is unorthodox, the Resolution Modern works brilliantly, is well-built, and its price is right. But regardless of price, this is one of the truly special products I’ve reviewed in the past 18 years.” Read the full review >

“I truly enjoyed playing my records. It looks good, and it sounds good. Highly recommended as a first rate player of vinyl at the price point. I was impressed.Read the full review >
Hi-Fi World