Resolution Turntable Reviews

“OK, so I think this record player is something rather special …..We have had a handful of products come into Hifi Pig towers in the last year that have really blown us away with what they bring to the party and the way our system has evolved as a result has taken it to what I consider to be a truly world class system. One of these products is of course this turntable and arm combination, and whilst there are much more expensive packages out there I can’t see me feeling the urge to upgrade any time soon, though I probably see a top of the range tonearm from Origin Live in my Hifi life in the future. Read the full review on MK4 >
Hi-Fi Pig (Editor)

“…I found myself experiencing music through a hi-fi system the same way I experience it live, and with the same aesthetic intensity…” – read the full review on MK4>
Stereo Times (Paul Szabady)

“If you’re in the market for your last analog rig, and a completely original one at that, seek out the Origin Live Resolution Modern turntable with Illustrious tonearm. They’re a thrill.” Read the full review >

“I am quite fascinated by the Origin Live Resolution turntable and Enterprise tonearm and they’ve garnered my 2013 Publisher’s Choice ‘Most Wanted Component’ award. Their combined strengths, ease of installation and remarkable sense of musicality have reinvigorated my appreciation for LPs.” Read the full review on MK3  >
Stereo Times (Editor – Clement Perry)

“Although some of that design is unorthodox, the Resolution Modern works brilliantly, is well-built, and its price is right. But regardless of price, this is one of the truly special products I’ve reviewed in the past 18 years.”Read the full review on MK1 >

“I truly enjoyed playing my records. It looks good, and it sounds good. Highly recommended as a first rate player of vinyl at the price point. I was impressed.Read the full review >
Hi-Fi World

Sonically, the Resolution/Illustrious offers comparable precision and focus to the big, heavy-go-round behemoths out there. But being lighter and less heavily damped, it reproduces music with superior fluidity and flow, plus greater subtlety and finer tonal gradations than many I have heard. Indeed at its best, it hardly sounds like a turntable at all. Instead, you get the impression you’re listening to a master tape, such is its effortless poise and precision. Read the full review >
Stereonet, April 2021

“I have experienced the potential of vinyl on super tables costing six figures and needing several men to transport; some of them confer more prestige than performance. So, I am impressed that your much more affordable and unpretentious player can speak with the princes.

I expected great things from the latest (series 4) Resolution with composite platter and Conqueror, but the reality, and to experience it, is quite another matter. The musical performance delivers, apparently in full, what we knew all along was on the disc. … Just two examples for now: you never hear a drum kit off a disc, compact, vinyl, or streaming that comes close to sounding as shocking as it is in real life. Well, at last I can hear Michael John Fleetwood in most of his glory from a commercial LP. On classical music, I have a favourite Hi-Fi challenge: Ives’ The Unanswered Question. The counterpoint and dissonance is dense and disturbing and the Resolution 4 preserves the music intact by blending the harmonies as the composer intended and the orchestra plays.

This rediscovery of music is the goal of our glorious hobby. It is harder than ever to know where to look despite the internet and the online reviews. In fairness to the Audio Press, they have told us consistently and for years that Origin Live is the real deal. But Hearing is Believing….

All praise then to Mark Baker’s life work. Origin Live have affordable accessories and upgrades that all work well, Instructions that are clear and educational, and an upgrade path that quickly takes the music lover to excellent and even aspirational levels. ”
Jack Lawson – The Music Room, Owner Comment