Platter Mat Reviews

“There was a staggering difference in clarity and timing, with the OL mat. To actually hear an improvement over a Lexan platter was almost beyond belief, so overall a very satisfactory purchase.”
Tony Sharman – Reviewer, who’s Reviews have been published in 3 Hi Fi Magazines

“I’ve no hesitation in recommending it”
Best Accessory Award – Hi Fi World Magazine

“The turntable mat however is possibly the biggest improvement I have heard from any upgrade so far.”
Rod Woods

“I wish to share my experience regarding my vintage Dual 604 – new Nagaoka MP500 initial playback listening tests. I was impressed with the amazing mids and highs of the MM cartridge…but over a period of time, I realized there was an obvious lack of bass in the sound. I knew it wasn’t the cartridge, so I wondered what might be wrong with the TT? As a skeptical move, I simply tried adding the thin 1mm mat from my Rega (the Origin Live brand from the UK) to the top of the Dual platter. To my surprise, I did not expect such a drastic improvement in sound quality. The bass completely came back to life and the tonal balance is restored to a near-perfect level. It is a total transformation of sound quality. It now sounds incredible…the mat is really a very serious piece of equipment on a TT. Thank you, Mark – you are a good man!”
Tony Gali