Matching Tonearm & Cartridge

Choice of Tonearm

We suggest Origin Live tonearms as first choice to partner any Turntable including our own. This is not because of Synergy because our turntables work well with all arms. The logic is that even our entry level arms outperform others at well over 4 times the cost (on any deck). To choose a different brand means a different armboard which can create additional cost later on, should you wish to upgrade the arm to an Origin Live.

We’re often asked which of our arms is the best choice for a certain deck. The answer is that all our arms perfectly match any deck so the higher the arm quality, the greater your return on investment.

Choice of Cartridge

Your choice of cartridge is heavily dependent on various factors discussed in our cartridge overview page.

Help to Choose

Overall Guidance on Choosing

If you are new to Hi Fi it may help to familiarize yourself with general guidelines on how to choose Hi Fi.