The MK1 Aladin cartridge was modeled on the Carmen.

‘It is our hope that your carefully crafted, hand-made Soundsmith Origin Live Champion cartridge will bring you many years of listening pleasure. The simple fact is, when we sit at a microscope for hours making each one, that is primary in our thoughts…we hope that each one will bring some joy to the listener.’
Peter Ledermann, Soundsmith President

“How does the Carmen perform? In a word, magnificently.”

“The most musical, clean, focused and fast sounding cartridge I’ve ever used!” (MK1)
High-End Sound

“…nothing but thorough musical pleasure and frequent amazement.” (MK1)
George Graves, The Audiophile Voice

“For the price, the Aladdin performs brilliantly, offering the ear detail and lucidity but doing so with a craft that can be quite stunning. Even when you remove the price as a factor the Aladdin is a real threat to the competition, even to more expensive moving coil designs.”(MK1) Learn More >
Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man