Origin Live Record Weight Instructions

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Thank you and congratulations for acquiring the Origin Live Record Weight. We trust this will enhance the enjoyment of your record collection.

To apply the record weight simply place a record on your deck, then place the weight over the centre spindle. With the weight in place, you should notice an improvement in focus and separation of instruments. It’s also common for bass notes to go deeper with more definition among many other facets of the music.


Care of Weight

The weight is delicately constructed for optimum sound quality. Care should be taken not to abuse the underside as this can get torn on the loose cork landing surfaces.

The design works on a “loose leaf approach so do not tighten the 3 screws in the underside as this will degrade performance significantly and they are properly set in the first place.

Warped Records:

The weight will not flatten warped records but will improve their sound quality. The problem with trying to flatten warped records using clamps is that this technique couples the record to the spindle thus feeding bearing noise into the record. The effect on sound quality is an obvious degradation. The alternative of using a very heavy record weight is that it can reduce bearing life on some turntables not designed to carry such loads.

Variable Results:

You will probably find the effect of the weight varies markedly from record to record. The effect tends to be more noticeable on well cut records than those with less dynamics or severe wear and tear. Beware of forming judgements based on minor details. For example, less treble is usually the result of damping out ringing effects which were previously given a false prominence.