Cartridge Alignment Systems

Optimum cartridge alignment will always be a compromise. There will only be two points (null points) on the record where the cartridge is at a perfect right angle to the groove of the record. Opinion varies as to where these points should lie and there are at least 4 different specifications.

Baerwald, Loefgren A and B, Stevenson

Whichever is chosen means that one portion of the record will sound slightly better than another. Frankly, we do not find this a critical area of performance – yes you can hear slight differences depending on which track you play but it’s not the exact science that some make it out to be as it’s not just about geometry. Variable friction and side force all have a part to play, which influences matters somewhat.

For historical reasons our cartridge alignment gauge uses the Lofgren A system (preferred by the majority) with an inner null point approximation of approx. 65mm. If you wish to use a different alignment gauge or system then it makes little difference to the arms performance.