Why is an Origin Live DC Motor Kit Unique?

You may be asking yourself what makes the Origin Live DC Motor Kit special? Surely the designer of any turntable installs a drive system fit for purpose. This question deserves an explanation. Many designs are well thought out, and executed with meticulous care, however there are reasons why a good design can be let down by the motor and power supply.

  • Low vibration, Ironless core DC motors were not available when many older decks were designed
  • Most turntable designers are mechanically oriented whereas motors demand electronics expertise
  • Even with electronics expertise, motors are a highly specialist area and the range of choice is vast
  • The expense of proper research is unviable, or not thought to be worthwhile by most companies
  • The cost of high quality motors is prohibitive on many decks
  • Simply refining the supply to an existing AC motor has been found ineffective in comparison to changing to a well designed DC motor. This is due to the inherent vibration caused by an AC current – although in theory AC should be able to perform well, the practice is very different due to complex technical reasons. It is impossible to imagine the level of improvement attained by this kit which replaces the weakest link in your record deck – the AC motor

For over ten years the Origin Live DC motor drive upgrade has been successfully fitted to the majority of turntable models such as Linn, Nottingham Analogue, Roksan, Pink Triangle, Rega, Thorens, VPI, Michell, Heybrook, Opus, Oracle, Well Tempered, Acoustic Research, Systemdek and many more. No matter how advanced the existing power supply, the result of adding the drive upgrade has surprised and delighted owners. It simply produces massive improvements to all aspects of sonic performance.

The kit is highly refined, and the performance value to your system is well over 4 times what you invest (in comparison to some upgrades) – with improvement similar regardless of the type of deck you own.

This enthusiasts upgrade path provides a real performance improvement, and may be firmly recommended.
Hi-Fi Critic