Features in all MK4 Turntables

Ultra Low Friction Bearing

The MK4 Bearing improves on the already extremely high grade bearing of the MK3, renowned for it’s low friction. The new bearing is more rigid due to it’s larger diameter. Friction remains extremely low thanks to further intensive development. The spindle rotates on a Tungsen carbide ball bearing centered on a hardened thrust pad for low friction and long life.

Unlike decks which “float” the platter using air or magnetic bearings, we believe “earthing” the energy out of the platter is essential for sound purity. To this end we employ a single low contact bearing tip which acts as the energy transmission point.

Low bearing friction is essential to avoid vibration but even high end turntable bearings seldom achieve this due to flawed design, imperfect straightness, eccentricity, tolerances and surface finishes.


The special oil we use, upgrades nearly all other brands of deck that use non-inverted full immersion bearings, which bears testament to it’s extreme quality for turntables.

Light Speed Controller

The MK 4 introduces the new Light Speed Controller (LSC) on all decks with it’s rock steady speed and improved sonic performance.


All decks use powerfull, smooth running, Swiss motors. These high grade motors demonstrate the exceptional qualities needed in a good turntable motor such as low cogging, low vibration and ironless cores for elimination of eddy currents.

The motors are mounted on a compliant pad to decouple them and reduce audible noise.


All Origin Live Decks use a single point cantilever form of suspension where the sub-chassis is mounted at a single semi-flexible point to isolate it from vibration. In the same way that a single earth point is used in electonics to prevent earth loops, this technique prevents resonance loops.

This avoids the softing of leading edges observed in many suspended designs and also avoids the hardness noticed in many non-suspended designs.The results are

  • Rock solid imaging
  • Reduced colouration
  • Refined presentation of low level information
  • Easy to follow separation of individual stands in the music and vocals

Surprisingly belt material makes a big difference to sound quality. We employ a unique material which dramatically improves on widely used neoprene rubber. This is substantiated by reviewers and clients who use our upgrade belt to upgrade all other brands of belt driven turntables.
The belt is manufactured in house using special material which increases grip and reduces stretch under instantaneous loading – increased dynamics and deeper bass performance are most noticable benelfits.


Refined plastic pulley enables maximum belt grip, resulting in increased definition and dynamics over conventional metals and plastics.

Adjustable Feet for easy leveling