Motor Drives Include All You Need


Electronic speed control box

33 & 45rpm.
Dimensions: (h x w x d) 50mm x 110mm x 180mm

High grade DC motor

With precision-bored, high grip special plastic pulley designed for flat and round belts. The motor is supplied with a motor plate adaptor to enable “drop in replacement” fitting to your deck. This is laser-cut from stainless steel with mounting hole to coincide with the standard synchronous motor used on most decks. The single-bolt fitting enables belt tension to be adjusted by rotating the motor.

Due to lower vibration, the motor does not need rubber-band or other decoupling methods employed on some decks to isolate their existing motors. In fact this motor can be attached to the sub-chassis of a deck with no significant noise breakthrough.


For either 240/230V, 50Hz or 110V, 60 Hz mains supply.

Strobe card

For easy and accurate speed setting.