Calypso Owner Comments

Many thanks for completing the upgrade on my deck to an Aurora Gold Mk2. The deck arrived safely on Friday morning and was set up with the speed controller allowed to ‘burn in’ during the day and adjusted Friday evening. I notice you have released a new version of the Ultra with the potentiometers at the rear. Your commitment to continued product development is admirable.

This weekend is a busy one as there is a local 24 hour Le Mans style mountain bike race held every year on this mid-summer weekend. The Mountain Mayhem is the largest event of this type in the world and is limited to around 2500 riders…

Even with the cycling some extended listening has taken place. The Aurora Mk1 provided 2 years of great pleasure in this home and if the sound it delivered could have be described as good then this upgrade is simply astonishing and I now understand the praise the Aurora Gold has received from so many reviewers. This is a giant killer of a deck and delivers a true sense of realism in music.

Thanks again
John Betterton, UK