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“Sonically speaking, the Calypso and Encounter were truly addictive. I pretty much lost interest in listening to my digital front end. I marveled at just how much music was locked in a humble LP groove.” Read the full review >
Audio Ideas

“The musical and sonic resolution of the OL pair results in a deep aesthetic reaction to music, the most satisfactory and consistent I’ve yet experienced. A Most Wanted Component of the Year? Yes.” Read the full review >
Stereo Times

“Pace is second to none along with precision and an extremely believable sound stage. Even with the least expensive pick up arm, this turntable projects an image that at times is frighteningly realistic.” Read the full review >
Hi-Fi World

“The Aurora Mk1 provided two years of great pleasure in this home and if the sound it delivered could have be described as good then this upgrade is simply astonishing, and I now understand the praise the Aurora Gold has received from so many reviewers. This is a giant killer of a deck and delivers a true sense of realism in music. Thanks again. ”
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John Betterton, UK – Owner Comment