Our Approach To Turntable Development & Production

Origin Live developed breakthrough after breakthrough to produce turntables with a truly magnificent sound. This involved very high levels of investment and engineering excellence.

The Beauty of Manufacuring in-House

To create advanced designs in the shortest possible time, we needed to accelerate production and testing of many innovative ideas. Normaly only a limited number of prototypes can be produced due to time and cost constraints. We quickly recognized that avoiding sub-contractor’s long lead times meant manufacturing everything ourselves. Acquiring CNC machines was costly but enabled us to produce hundreds of prototypes in a tiny fraction of the time taken normaly.

Extraordinary Precision

Most turntable bearings are made using an economic drill and ream process. Ours are produced the slow way, using specialist boring techniques to ensure a dead-straight hole, without the slightest degree of taper or eccentricity. Our bearings are then honed by hand to remove the microscopic surface edges caused by machining processes. All this takes about 40 times as long as doing it the quick way. The results are very audible in terms of increased clarity and freedom in the music. In fact, the quality of bearings used in our decks exceed those used on many at well over 6 times the price.

High Grade Materials

To ensure high grade sound quality requires careful selection of materials. These are often expensive and hard to manufacture. For example the grade of acrylic we use is higher than most. Cheaper acrylics cut corners in production by being allowed to cool faster. This lowers costs, but results in high internal stresses, which cause sonic degradation. This is just one example of where two deck materials seem identical but are actually very different.

Expertise and Design Talent

The time taken to conduct ground breaking research by the right people is often overlooked – this is the untold story of many great products born from years of immersion in a specialist field. We are fortunate to have association with brilliant and talented innovators who share confidential ideas freely with us.

Highest Standards of Workmanship Beginning With Parts Production Through to Final Assembly

Manufacturing parts in-house has the advantage of guaranteed quality. Highly experienced craftsmen ensure the correct materials and manufacturing techniques are used throughout the production process. This delivers you a consistent level of excellence that does not just look the part, but is the genuine article.