Best Record Player Design Philosophy

Best Record Player Design Philosophy Introduction to Best Record Player design Most experts agree the best record player will provide the most satisfying music. The record player still reigns supreme in terms of performance and quality.  Unlike CD there seems to be no limitation on the musical information it can extract. In recent years,

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Turntable Feature changes from MK1 to MK4

ALLIANCE         ONYX         SILVER         ZEPHYR         ENCOUNTER         ILLUSTRIOUS         CONQUEROR         ENTERPRISE       COMPARE   Mk1 to MK2 It is not possible to upgrade MK1 or MK2 decks to MK3 or MK4 specification

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Which arm brands fit Origin Live decks?

All Origin Live tonearms fit our decks without need for adaptors or any other device. All older Style Rega arms (RB250, RB300 – ones with threaded bases and a large clamping nut) fit our decks with the aid of our threaded VTA adjuster. Rega arms with the later 3 point mounting ( RB251, RB301,

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The Upgrades That Make the Most Difference

Due to carrying out a great deal of listening to vinyl replay, we have had the luxury of listening to a vast array of equipment. The following information is intended to offer some help and advice on the many options and choices available with regard to upgrading priorities and allocating your hard earned budget.

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Turntable Development – Our Approach

Our Approach To Turntable Development & Production Origin Live developed breakthrough after breakthrough to produce turntables with a truly magnificent sound. This involved very high levels of investment and engineering excellence. The Beauty of Manufacuring in-House To create advanced designs in the shortest possible time, we needed to accelerate production and testing of

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The Sound Our Turntables Offer

Turntable Sound Attributes How do you want your music to sound? If you have never heard an Origin Live deck it's hard to imagine the potential benefits to your system. As already stated there are major sonic differences between decks for good technical reasons. The way Origin Live turntables render music is foremostly

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