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Mk1 to MK2

It is not possible to upgrade MK1 or MK2 decks to MK3 or MK4 specification as so many parts changed. However trade in for part exchange is always an option with ourselves or a dealer. Any quote for this is best assessed by the parties concerned as many factors come into play.

MK1 Differences to later models

On Mk1 decks the belt runs on a sub-platter

Power supplies are not as advanced

Motor pods are much smaller and electronics are housed in a seperate box

The Aurora and Aurora Gold (renamed Calypso) used metal plates for the plinth

No platter mat existed

Neoprene Belts were used

Bearings are not as advanced in terms of low friction or sound quality

Motor Pulley was metal

Features of  MK3 over previous MK2 models are:

The MK2 decks ran for over 5 years with few updates or price increases. After making a number of new discoveries, the time came for these to be included in what we named the MK3 turntable versions. The new decks represented a significant increase in performance and value to an already superb sound. Music was replayed with particular improvements in:

  • Rock solid imaging
  • Reduced colouration
  • Refined presentation of low level information
  • Easy to follow separation of individual stands in the music and vocals

Specific Specification changes

  • Changed from spring supsension to unique, centre-point support cantilever suspension
  • New type of Acrylic platter material with reduced internal stresses
  • Increased thickness of platter due to changes in overall design
  • Lower friction bearing along with lower vibration design
  • Improved power supply
  • Improved belt – hand made from start to finish – surprisingly the belt material makes a big difference to sound quality
  • Quieter motor from additional pod damping

Introduced substantially more powerfull and smooth running motors along with improved electronics and temperature compensation.