Turntable Sound Attributes

How do you want your music to sound?

If you have never heard an Origin Live deck it’s hard to imagine the potential benefits to your system. As already stated there are major sonic differences between decks for good technical reasons. The way Origin Live turntables render music is foremostly musical and realistic. If you want music of unrivalled transient speed, musicality and dynamics which could easily be mistaken for real instruments and voices, then Origin Live is for you. If you want music with effortless power, natural rhythm, great tonal shading and balance then Origin Live is for you. Reviewers understanding these qualities are quick to point out the sheer speed and musicality of our decks.

This may not be for everyone – you can read countless opinions on the Internet and there are some who clearly prefer a slowed down version of events where bass notes are slightly slow and overhung, where instruments are clear but lack tonal richness. Where percussion notes stop short without natural decay. It is fair to say that such systems are often made up from a mix of components that are not exactly neutral. This means that when a neutral component is added, the system becomes bass light or bass heavy.

Music is very individual and not everyone has similar tastes. On balance we would say that at least 80% of people really want music to sound like real instruments and real voices. Professional musicians love our decks, which is an excellent indicator on how they prefer the portrayal of reality.

It is good to be clear on how you listen to music. Some people like to hear things analytically, where they maybe just concentrate on bass notes or treble clarity – the variations are endless but essentially these folk like a predominantly cerebral experience. Others speak of emotional involvement, the cohesiveness and organic nature of the presentation, the ability to connect properly with the performers. This is a bit like discussions on photography, where you have technical photographers who understand all the technicalities but do not take artistic photographs.

If you like your music as close the the real thing as possible, we invite you to open a door that will allow you to enjoy a richer experience than ever before.

When you place an order with us, you have a full 2 week trial period to see if our claims are true. If you are not completely delighted, we will offer a full refund.

You have much to gain from this trial, judging by the many comments from delighted owners who say that they simply cannot envisage how anything could be better. These are not minor improvements, but system transformation.

Your turntable is absolutely foundational for a good front-end. You can have everything else right, but if the deck is below par, your equipment cannot perform at anything like it’s real potential. We suggest you don’t miss this opportunity and get one of our decks in your system for a trial. We trust this will give you the results you are looking for.