9.5inch vs. 12inch Tonearms

All our arms are offered in 12 inch versions: this option can be specified using the 12 inch option button that appears in the ordering process for any arm. People often ask about 9.5 inch arms vs 12 inch arms? The answer is firstly that the reduced tracking distortion manifests itself in a more effortless and coherent

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The Upgrades That Make the Most Difference

Due to carrying out a great deal of listening to vinyl replay, we have had the luxury of listening to a vast array of equipment. The following information is intended to offer some help and advice on the many options and choices available with regard to upgrading priorities and allocating your hard earned budget.

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Why Do Origin Live Arms Not Have the Yoke Offset?

Why do Origin Live arms not have the Yoke offset as other arms do? In theory not having an offset of the Yoke yields slight azimuth errors on warped records – whether this is ever audible is doubtful. Theory tends to sometimes focus on measuring and calculating what the ear cannot hear and not

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Silver Wire Cable in a Tonearm Rewire?

Silver Wire Cable in a Tonearm Rewire? Don't be misled by specifications – we've tried PTFE, silver plate, solid silver, etc. Getting silver wire cable to sound right is not easy and there are many silver wires that may sound transparent but also tend to be overly bright and incapable of producing low bass.

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Why Not Use Continuous Rewiring Cable?

Why Not Use Continuous Rewiring Cable with No Joints in the Tonearm? If a continuous wire is used for a tonearm from the headshell tags to the phono stage or amp, it needs to be very thin to avoid restricting the freedom of movement of the tonearm. This means it is automatically a non-optimal

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Tonearm Dual-pivot bearing?

Tonearm Dual Pivot Bearing Why a Dual Pivot Bearing? The Encounter, Illustrious and Conqueror tonearms are performance leaders, partly by virtue of their innovative dual pivot bearing. These bearings are attached to the horizontal axle (which governs vertical arm movement). This design is similar in many respects to uni-pivot designs-low friction and high

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