Rega Tonearm Model Differences

What are the physical differences between the rega rb250, rb300, rb600 and rb900? Rega Rear end stub: The most significant difference between the arms is that the RB300, RB600 & RB900 have a stainless steel stub at the rear end where the rega counterweight is mounted. The rear rega stub on the RB250 is

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Tonearm Name Clarification

For Rega arm and Origin Live OEM arms The names of the various arms we modify and supplied in the past can sometimes cause confusion. In addition to this reviewers have sometimes used their own terms so we have produced this page is for clarification purposes. The RB250 (& RB251 - 3 point mounting

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Rega Tonearm Tuning & Setting up

For Origin Live & Rega arms - critical for optimising performance Origin Live & Rega tonearms are sensitive to various adjustments - some of these secrets are not well know to owners or dealers. This page is designed to help you get the most out of your tonearm. - Treat the arm with care

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Rega Tonearm Specifications

Low effective mass 11 grams Effective length 240 mm Overhang 17.2 mm Offset angle 23 degrees Mounting distance: platter centre to arm hole centre 221.7 mm Diameter of mounting hole 23 - 25mm but 24mm is preferable as it allows threaded VTA adjuster to be fitted Size of base mounting nut 32mm A/F (across

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