Low effective mass 11 grams
Effective length 240 mm
Overhang 17.2 mm
Offset angle 23 degrees
Mounting distance: platter centre to arm hole centre 221.7 mm
Diameter of mounting hole 23 – 25mm but 24mm is preferable as it allows threaded VTA adjuster to be fitted
Size of base mounting nut 32mm A/F (across flats)
Maximum armboard thickness 27mm
Total Weight 436 grams
Capacitance 0.002uF
Resistance 0.002 ohms

The tip of the stylus should be 240mm from the pivot. In approximate terms, the armboard mounting hole should be such that the cartridge stylus will “overhang” the record centre (spindle) by a distance of around 17mm for an arm that is of 240mm Effective Length (distance from stylus to armboard mounting hole centre). Roughly check this by swinging the stylus over the record spindle.