What are the differences between the “badged” RB250, RB251 and RB300, RB301 arms (such as Moth, Michell etc. RB250 or RB300 arms) and the versions that Rega supplies?

There is no difference between an rb250 and rb300 arm supplied by Rega and their “badged” OEM equivalents supplied by Rega to other manufacturers such as NAD, Moth, Michell, Audio Note, Basis etc. Rega simply supply their standard arms to other manufacturers who then have their own badges placed on the arm. In all other respects the arms are identical. There is the occasional exception to this rule, in that some manufacturers prefer the Rega bearings not to be glued in as this enables removal and repair in the case of the vertical base bearings. Variations of this nature make little or no difference to the performance of the Rega tonearms.


A badged tonearm manufactured by Rega, has no Rega warranty as Rega specify that the arm is now the duty of the OEM brand to support. In other words the warranty on any badged Rega arm is up to the supplier of the arm.