Technical Details

Rated Output Balanced, variable via level control: +8dBu/1.95V rms (into 22k Ohms); +2dBu/975mV rms (into 600 Ohms) Single Ended fixed low-level: -8dBu/309mV rms (into 22k Ohms) (Single Ended variable via level control: +2dBu/975mV rms (into 22k Ohms), *optional to order*) Sensitivity for rated output Digital -14 dBFS Analogue -8dBu/309mV rms 0dBu = 774.6 mV rms

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The Majestic has inputs for three optical (TOSLink) sources (up to 96kHz 24 bit) and three coaxial S/PDIF sources (up to 192kHz 24 bit) for use with digital music servers and streamers as well as TVs, set-top boxes, games consoles and CD transports having TOSLink or coaxial S/PDIF outputs. The Majestic USB input is suitable

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