Problems with AC Turntable Motor replacement

AC Turntable Motor Replacement

This article can help you diagnose and solve your AC motor problems.

To simply replace an AC synchronous turntable motor with the same again is not as easy as installing our DC motor kits for the following reasons.

Simple AC synchronous replacement turntable motors are problematic. There are so many derivatives that it can be difficult to specify the exact replacement as they all look similar.

For an AC synchronous turntable motor one needs to fit a pulley of exactly the right diameter and height. This is critical because the diameter dimension  dictates the speed your deck will run at. However it’s not always possible to remove your original pulley because some are press fitted. If this is the case you will need a machine shop to produce a replica pulley for you and this can be expensive.

Even if it is possible to remove the pulley without wrecking it, there is then the problem of fitting it to the new motor shaft. Many motor pulley combinations are precision bored and press-fitted which means that unless one is careful the turntable motor will be wrecked just by putting on the pulley – if pulleys are fastened on with a grub screw then it is likely to have a very slight “wobble” which is extremely detrimental to performance.

Many old decks can be given a huge leap in their performance by upgrading to our DC turntable motor kit – it is difficult to imagine the level of improvement attainable until tried, which is why we offer a money back guarantee.

Excessive Motor Noise

AC synchronous record deck motors usually run silently so motor noise is a sign of worn bushes and the motor will need to be replaced.