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Lyra Delos Cartridge

We are not permitted to offer this brand of cartridge outside the UK.

Lyra Delos Cartridge

Lyra Delos Cartridge

Lyra Delos  £1,395

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“An analog LP played back with an MC cartridge can sound exceptionally good. Normally, the more cost put into the cartridge, the better the sound. However, sometimes what is required is not more cost but more clever engineering, as with the Lyra Delos Cartridge.

A major problem with most cartridges is that the signal coils are located so that applying normal tracking force restricts performance. The reason is that the cartridge’s signal coils should have the same angle as the magnetic circuit when the tracking force for playback is applied, but are nearly always designed so that applying normal tracking force pushes the signal coils out of alignment with the magnetic circuit. This impairs the sensitivity and linearity of the coils, and reduces the quality of sound.

The Delos solves this problem with a new body structure and pre-angled damping system. The pre-angled dampers work together with the angle of the body structure so that, when tracking force is applied, the signal coils are optimally aligned with the magnet circuit. The Delos also has a microridge stylus for outstanding tracking, a non-parallel solid metal body for low resonances, and nude construction for greater clarity. The result is clearly improved sound quality, particularly resolution, dynamic range, transient impact and immediacy.” – Lyra

Technical Specifications

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Lyra Atlas

Technical Specification

Frequency range 10 Hz to 50 kHz
Channel separation 30 dB or better at 1 kHz
Cantilever system Solid boron rod w/ Namiki microridge stylus (2.5 x 75 micrometres profile)
Coils Six Ns high-purity copper
Internal impedance 8.2 Ohms
Output voltage 0.6 mV (5.0 cm/second, zero to peak, 45 degrees)
Cartridge weight 7.3 g without stylus cover
Compliance Approx 12 x 10-6 cm/dyne at 100 Hz
Recommended tracking force 1.7 to 1.8 g (1.75 g preferred)
Recommended load into phono stage/head amp 91 Ohms to 47 kOhms (best value determined by listening)
Recommended load into step-up transformer 5 to 15 Ohms

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