Origin Live Champion Cartridge

Origin Live Champion

Origin Live Champion  £2,450

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‘It is our hope that your carefully crafted, hand-made Soundsmith Origin Live Champion cartridge will bring you many years of listening pleasure. The simple fact is, when we sit at a microscope for hours making each one, that is primary in our thoughts…we hope that each one will bring some joy to the listener.’
Peter Ledermann, Soundsmith President

The Champion employs a very unique “Energy Distribution System” to ensure that the energy gets into the cartridge body properly, and into the waiting tonearm to be damped. It is one of the major design features which make the Champion so effective.

Unlike other low output cartridges, the Champion is a six-sided fully shielded cartridge, and being such, is one of the world’s best hum-free and RF-free cartridges. When properly used with shielded cable from your tonearm, there should be no hum whatsoever.

An advantage of this design is the inherent high level of channel separation. Unlike MC cartridges, a rotation of the generating element in the Champion (moving iron) due to manufacturing tolerances or ageing does not affect the separation at all. Furthermore, unlike moving coil cartridges, our Moving Iron designs CANNOT rotate out of position, maintaining the critical azimuth position for the life of the cartridge.

Technical Specifications

Load Resistance: 470 to 1K ohms (can run on 47K but may be a little “peaked” on high frequencies.
Stylus: Contact Line Nude diamond 0.100mm SQ
Cantilever: Telescoping Aluminium Alloy
Tracking Force recommended: 1.7 – 1.9 grams
Effective Tip Mass: 0.3mg
Compliance: 10um/mN
Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz plus or minus 1dB
Channel Separation at 1000 Hz greater than 34dB
Channel Difference: Less than 0.5dB
Output Voltage: 0.4mV
Cartridge Weight: 10.25 Grams
Cartridge Body: Composite