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Origin Live Aladdin Cartridge

Origin Live Aladdin

Origin Live Aladdin  £630

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‘It is our hope that your carefully crafted, hand-made Soundsmith Origin Live Champion cartridge will bring you many years of listening pleasure. The simple fact is, when we sit at a microscope for hours making each one, that is primary in our thoughts…we hope that each one will bring some joy to the listener.’
Peter Ledermann, Soundsmith President

The Aladdin moving iron cartridge is a derivative of the Soundsmith Carmen model, but employs a sophisticated energy management system found in much higher cost Soundsmith cartridges. This energy system allows spurious vibrations (created in all cartridges) to travel from the generator through the body of the cartridge and into the tone arm, taking full advantage of the tonearm’s critical funciton of damping to function at its best.

“How does the Carmen perform? In a word, magnificently.”

“The most musical, clean, focused and fast sounding cartridge I’ve ever used!”

“…nothing but thorough musical pleasure and frequent amazement.”
George Graves, The Audiophile Voice

“About as clean and articulate a tracker as you’re likely to experience for any price—the kind of cartridge that made me forget about audiophile performance checklists and just kick back and listen for pure musical enjoyment.”

For the price, the Aladdin performs brilliantly, offering the ear detail and lucidity but doing so with a craft that can be quite stunning. Even when you remove the price as a factor the Aladdin is a real threat to the competition, even to more expensive moving coil designs. Learn More >
The Audiophile Man


Stylus:    Nude Eliptical, 0.120 mm sq
Cantilever:   Aluminium Alloy
Tracking Force recommeneded:    1.4 grams
Effective Tip Mass:    0.35mg
Compliance:   22um/mN
Frequency Response:   20 – 20,000 Hz   plus or minus 2.5dB
Channel Separation at 1000 Hz   greater than 26dB,     50 – 15,000 Hz greater than 20dB
Channel Difference:   Less than 1.6dB
Output Voltage:   2.12mV
Cartridge Weight:   10.27 Grams
Load Resistance:   47K
Height; 17.5mm