Silver Hybrid-S2 Ultra High Performance Interconnect Cable

Silver Hybrid-S2 Ultra High Performance Interconnect Cable 1m pair  £1130

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Silver Hybrid-S2 Ultra-High-Performance Interconnect Cable

Silver Hybrid S2 high performance interconnect cable builds on the breakthrough performance of the Silver Hybrid 2 by increasing the number of conductors, thus lowering impedance. This has the effect of increasing Dynamics, particularly in the bass. In comparison to the Silver Hybrid, music played through this higher model seems more effortless, natural and present. This is not only attributable to reduced impedance as the hot signal wire is completely changed for a more refined specification.


” Not many people know who I am, so a very brief history as an introduction. In the past, I have imported and distributed some of the best Hi-Fi products available, which included Restek, Gradient, Final, Onix and Cymbal. I still use most of these products now because they have stood the test of time and compete with the best available today, most of my products have been modified to maximise their performance.

Because of my involvement in the high-end market, I have been presented with accessories from various manufacturers in the hope that 1, I write a sparkling review and 2, perhaps pair them with my products. Cable suppliers were the most prolific, so consequently, I amassed a large collection of interconnects and speaker cables, 2 tea chests full actually, some of which were extremely expensive, and all tended to modify the sound in one way or another.

So to come across an interconnect that adds or subtracts nothing from my system but just allows the music to flow through a sonically invisible piece of wire was something of a revelation. I’ve been searching for this level of reproduction for donkey’s years, to the extent I made my own cables which were very good but never quite got there.

Mark Baker must have excavated his grey matter to have come up with this “sonic open window”. To my knowledge, this has not been achieved by any manufacturer so far. Some have got very close, but most tend to introduce their own signature. With a good front end, this one just lets the music breathe unhindered. This is not a conclusion. Like all products in this business, they tend to improve with use (running in) in the case of wires which carry very small currents this process can take weeks, these initial observations are stated from listening virtually straight out of the box, this thing will improve. How it can get much better is beyond my imagination, I’m very nearly in new territory.”

A week later

“This is now running in nicely; it’s strange the mid and top ranges have altered only very slightly, it’s the bass that has suddenly started to sparkle, I could never imagine that my deck could 1. retrieve so much fine detail and 2. be so powerful in the bass region, I don’t recall this kind of bass reproduction from any vinyl source I’ve ever heard before, the fretless bass lines on “human” by Rag and Bone man comes through as rib rattling and tuneful, the Kudu gong and drum on Dead can Dance “into the labyrinth” is so powerful I was concerned about my speakers, the reverberation was almost electric, the harp and acoustic bass on Mary Coughlin “uncertain pleasures” are now so close to life they are almost solid. I’m finding it very hard to take in the effect this one interconnect has, amongst the many others that link my components, mind you, it is first in line, so has the most overall effect. As a seasoned dealer, I could have sold these all day long; they are so obviously better than anything I’ve tried before, makes me wonder what else my system can do?

The clarity and detail I’m now getting is very much an endorsement of the work and innovation I’ve put into my system, which is proving it’s metal in a way that I didn’t expect, and the great thing is, it’s getting better by the day.

Absolutely brilliant……………..

TONY SHARMAN (Magazine Reviewer)

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Our cables improve clarity and tone using unique technology.

Origin Live cables are unique in the way they address the problem of electromagnetic resonance within a cable. This is not an easy concept to understand in theory and hard to eliminate in practice. Electromagnetic resonance is like mechanical “ringing” which degrades sound quality. The effects are to cause blurring and tonal imbalance. For example, bass notes are prevented from dropping deep in the way you know they should. The reason may not be because your speakers can’t go deep but because the deep notes are masked by upper mid-range ringing in the cable.

A vastly oversimplified illustration to understand the principle of electromagnetic ringing is to consider a flash of lightning in a major storm. Lightening produces a loud roll of thunder. This is the result of air crashing into the atomised lightening gap. The resonant vibration and echos from the landscape create the effect we hear as thunder.

When electricity passes through your cables it causes electromagnetic resonance within the material in a similar way that lightning does in air. This manifests itself in cables by introducing  “ringing” which accentuates resonant frequencies. These resonances vary significantly in frequency, magnitude and decay time depending on the cable you use.

interconnect cable conductionWhen you hear thunder you observe two important facts:

  • Hearing the thunder is delayed from the time you first see the flash.
    In a similar way for music, the slight delay time of electrical resonance affects the “timing” of notes.
  • A roll of thunder lasts a lot longer than the flash which created it.
    In a similar way for music, any ongoing electrical resonance causes blurring and reduces clarity.

Through observation and intensive research, Origin Live has found a unique way to dramatically reduce these effects. The results are astonishing with major improvements to clarity and tonal qualities in the music.

Electrical resonance is not to be confused with mechanical resonance which many cable manufacturers refer to. Mechanical resonance causes conductors to vibrate microscopically against one another – this also degrades signal quality because it interrupts the electromagnetic field consistency around each conducting strand. 25 years ago Hitachi promoted high-pressure binding of stranded cable to reduce this effect – nowadays people add clamps and cable risers to slightly dampen such effects.

Making the best choice

With over 300 brands of cable now available it’s not easy to be sure of the right choice. At Origin Live we test and evaluate many published ideas along with our own research. Our reputation for producing outstandingly musical and high-performance products is a significant indicator that our cables are second to none. They certainly rank among the very best and offer outstanding value at a fraction of the price.

No-Risk Trial

All our cables come with a one-month money-back guarantee if ordered directly from Origin Live ( some dealers may offer the same). This means you can try them in your own system without risk. If not absolutely delighted simply return them for a full refund.

We have received highly favourable reviews on our cables dating back to the first cable product launched over 34 years ago. and pour an almost insane amount of research into this area. 


The most significant reason for much of our research is that tonearm performance benefits immensely from exceptional cable quality. Efforts to find other brand cables to include in our top of the range arms have invariably ended up with us designing something better (not copies).

The Origin Live Silver Hybrid external cable (£535) employed in our High-End tonearms has so far outperformed the best alternatives we have tried. Dealers tell us it betters well-known brand cables at £4000.