Origin Live Ultra Interconnect Cable

Origin Live Ultra Interconnect Cable  £160

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The Ultra Interconnect Cable


  • Exceptionally transparent sound.
  • Highly neutral and very system friendly.
  • Definition, separation and imaging are of the highest order.


  • 2 core cable.
  • Advanced design using stranded conductors.
  • Very high quality phono plugs- twice the conductivity of gold plated brass.


“The immediate impression I had of the Ultra interconnects was the supreme ease of entering into the music. Turning off the critical listening apparatus was a snap: a good sign in my experience, indicating that there were no musical or sonic sore thumbs sticking up in their presentation to draw attention away from the music and towards the sound….Those eager to avoid the interconnect merry-go-round will find much to like with the Ultras. If access to the music is of higher priority than some of audiophilia’s non-musically significant concerns, the Ultras are a deeply satisfying musical product and a supreme bargain.”
Stereo Times, August 2001 on Ultra Interconnect