Rega Tonearm Modification Reviews

“With its superior bearing arrangement and no tracking force spring to add resonance’s, it’s a true giant killer. It has all the dynamic power and seismic bass of a £2000 super arm but costs a fraction to buy. With Origin Live’s rewiring, it’s one of the best arms money can buy and no less a bargain.

I have to say the Rega upgrades turn this humble arm into a real Giant killer. Gone is the rather grey, sterile sound of the cooking Rega. Instead, tonal colour is fresh dynamics have great speed and impact, and the sound stage is huge.” Read More >
Hi-Fi World

“The overall musical and sonic performance of the Origin Live RB250 is simply astounding. Considering its sub-$500 price, the only appropriate reaction is to yell, “Eureka!” Read More >
Stereo Times

“I had the arm tube and extension modification done years ago by OL and it took my rb300 from pleasant sounding to superb. Rewiring is another big step but whatever else you decide to do, get the new counterweight and structural mod.
OL’s turntable motor and power supply is another game changer and highly recommended.” Read More >
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