Enterprise Tonearm Reviews

“This was by far the best analog upgrade I’ve madein the last decade!”Read the full review >
AV Audio (High End Magazine, Brazil)

“I am quite fascinated by the Origin Live Resolution turntable and Enterprise tonearm and they’ve garnered my 2013 Publisher’s Choice ‘Most Wanted Component’ award. Their combined strengths, ease of installation and remarkable sense of musicality have reinvigorated my appreciation for LPs.” Read the full review >
Stereo Times

“The Origin Live Enterprise C tonearm allowed direct access to the art of music so convincingly and with such complete satisfaction that I have no choice but to consider it an ultimate tonearm. It is a supreme achievement.” Read the full review >
Stereo Times

“Overall, this is a superb pick up arm with a grippingly musical sound and lovely rhythmic ability. It has wonderful tonal shading (an SME SeriesV sounds monochrome, by comparison) and deep soundstaging with masses of detail…” Read the full review >
Hi-Fi World

“…in the case of the Enterprise-C (12 inch) what notional sacrifices are made in extending the arm are more than balanced by the added accuracy across the whole album side. There is a ‘just cut’ fluidity and openness to the sound that makes it seem like albums you know through repeated plays are fresh from the stamper.” Read the full review >

“You are just so bowled over by the music that the rest is simply ‘in the noise level’. But it’s weird, this is what the records are supposed to be communicating, and suddenly, it’s completely natural and easy to listen to….” Read more owner comments >
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